PERSONAL RE – Global end Personalized Assistance

Personal RE is the first "Real Estate Personal Trainer" able to offer Tailor-Made Residential Solutions to those looking for a Luxury property or an investment in this "Beautiful Land".

Partner to its customers, Personal RE receives and satisfy every his request, ensuring complete and personalized assistance, confidentiality and exclusivity.

Tailor-made real estate consultant, personal RE has a deep knowledge of the market, dynamic and innovative in approach and highly qualified. Careful to the selection of the best opportunities of buying/leasing and of investment, it offers its customers exclusive villas and luxury residences in Italy, located in excellent locations and characterized by high quality standards and luxurious details.

World Capital Group, a company specializing in consulting, brokerage and investment of commercial properties (offices, shops, hotels, warehouses), with twenty years experience in the sectors and highly profiled customers, Personal RE has its headquarters in Milan, as well as offices located in major international markets such as Shanghai, Beijing, Moscow and Mumbai.

Personal RE is a brand dedicated to Luxury Residential and to those who want a "House of your Dreams" in the wonderful country of Italy.