MIPIM 2016: Residential is in the Spotlight

After the news about our participation to Mipim 2016, now we want to share with You the main theme chosen for the most important real estate event: Housing the World.
This year, for the 27° edition of Mipim, the organizers have decided to select Residential, as principal focus of the event.
In fact, during the event there will be conferences and speeches about the theme, with the participation of local and international authorities, residential leader.

The selected theme will touch three specific aspects:
1. Urban aspect -> it grows more and more the number of people, which move from one city to another, by increasing the tax of concentration recorded in big cities, with a consequently social, environmental and urban increase.
2. Residential as Investment -> today, the sector represents a very appealing target, for investors who decide to increase their portfolio with residential assets. More and more interesting part of market, the residential sector represents an occasion of business, which we have decided to develop with our brand completely dedicated to residential luxury: Personal RE – Luxury House. Personal Trainer of Real Estate, Personal RE is ready to represent Your Residential Product at Mipim and to offer You a Tailor-Made Consultancy.
3. Cultural Aspect -> every culture develops a own thought concerning the action of “living”. Both for owner or renter, an apartment or a villa, in center or suburbs, there is always a “own world” to share in this occasion.

Finally, there will be the chance to discuss together and to try to answer to an interesting question: “How will Future Houses be?”
The participants at the event will try to elaborate hypothesis concerning the potential architectonic and residential innovations, but especially for the city impact of climate changing.

“While investors may have looked at the idea of investing in housing in the past, increasing population movement and concentration, as well as social and environmental evolution and the need for sustainable urban development, means that the residential sector is of increasing economic, political and social importance,” – says Julien Sausset, Director of MIPIM.

World Capital, as exhibitor, is ready to meet everybody wants to request a 360° real estate consultancy for Italian and international real estate investments of high appeal.
We are waiting for you at stand P-1.L51, where it will be possible, thanks the presence of a qualified team, to make Your and The most profitable opportunity of real estate business.

Law of Stability 2016: Tasi, Imu, Fiscal Subtractions and Bonus Refurbishment/Energy

The new Law of Stability 2016 has been definitely approved and it will bring a new series of important measures connected to real estate sector.
Some weeks ago, we shared the new kind of Real Estate Leasing included inside the Law of Stability, whereas this time we want to show you the news about Tasi-Imu, Bonus Refurbishment/Energy and Fiscal Subtractions.

Which does it change for houses tax?
Tasi (Tax on Indivisible Services) is no more expected for the real estate buildings used as principal home, exception for cadastral categories of luxury A/1 (noble houses), A/8 (villas) and A/9 (castles and eminent block of flats). Moreover, the abolition of the tax will be applied for the residence assigned to legal divided spouse.
There will also be a discount of 50% on the tax for the first home assigned on an extended loan to first line relatives (as children and parents), if they already have a own home in the same district.

Concerning Imu (Tax Unique Municipal), it will not applied to not luxurious properties used as principal home, while a reduction of 25% on Imu and Tasi will be applied for people, who will stipulate a leasing contract.
Finally, the same tax will be deleted also for agricultural lands and for bolted machines, which are fixed at the ground.

Bonus Refurbishment and Energy
Good news for refurbishments and energetic requalification, with the confirmation of bonus of 50% and 65%, in the form of credit of tax.

Fiscal Subtractions
Thanks to properties bonus, there will be a fiscal subtraction of 50%, with a maximum costs of 16.000 € – for furniture and white goods for the first house barely bought from the young couples (with at least one of the two with less of 35 years-old).

What we can say, with all these positive news, it seems to will be a Good and Positive 2016!

Quality of Life: Silver Medal for Milan

According to tradition, we have the annual classification about the Quality of Life in Italian Provinces, realized and published by the influential Il Sole 24 Ore.
This year, Milan obtains the second place in this toplist, whereas Bolzano reaches the first placeA wonderful surprise for the Milanese City, which from an eighth place of 2014, it reaches nowadays satisfying results.

Which are the factors of this success?
Surely, the first positive element was Expo, which gave to the city lots of visitors and the possibility to be one of the most mentioned cities on social networkMoreover, the Lombard Country Seat seems to offer wellness, quality of life, services and leisure opportunities really interesting for its citizens. For that reason, we collects these significant data: in the City of Breaded Cutlet we live in average 83 years, the retirement fund is nearly 1.126 €, the average familiar heritage is 471.825 €.

After all these positive things, however, there were opposing thoughts as the Nobel prize, Dario Fo, which expresses his disagreement for the assignment of second place of classification, due to the high quantity of smog and the strong action of deforestation of green areas.
The research realized by the Italian economic periodic, it studies 6 macro-areas: quality of live, affairs and job, environment services and health, demography, law and order and free time.

The first places, for each category, went to: Milan for Quality of Life, Prato for Affairs and Job, Monza and Brianza for Services Environment and Health, Olbia Tempio for Demography, Nuoro for Law and Order and Rimini for Free Time. 

Do you still have doubts about which Italian province to choose for an hypothetical and future real estate investment?
Remember, in Italy it’s hidden a deserved and good second place for Quality of Life.

Real Estate Leasing easier: house and car always more similar

Good news are coming from the commission Balance of Chamber, which approved in these days an amendment included in the Law of Stability 2016.
Thanks to this legislative news, we are ready to welcome a new form of Real Estate Leasing, which is easier and active only for 5 years from 2016 to 2020.

There is a spontaneous question, what will it change for privates interested in buying the primary residence?
Concerning new real estate leasing, the house becomes a resource always more similar to faithful car, and people can buy it with a financial leasing contract.
We are ready to say “goodbye” to good and “expensive” loan and to pay a starting rent for primary house, and then we can decide to buy or not the property.
The negotiation, in this way, will have a intermediary or a finance corporation involved into the realization or the purchase of property and the user involved into the payment of a “rent”, with a final release of the house, which was previously determined.

To date, moreover, to facilitate and to increase this business, in the program of Stability 2016, it will be a discount Irpef of 19% for rents till € 8.000 and a final maxi payment till € 20.000, only for buyers under 35.
Also for over 35 there will be some middle facilitations, thanks to them the calculation will be done on a maximum rent of € 4.000 and a final maxi payment of € 10.000.
For banks and intermediaries, whereas, a positive change is connected to duty, which will be applied as 1,5% for financial leasing activities concerning houses classified as “not luxurious” and for operations connected to assignments, from users, of financial leasing contracts, always linked to “not luxurious” properties. Finally, for the purchase of a residential house, from builder societies, this amendment will expect a discount of 50% of VAT from Irpef of buyer, by starting the deduction in 10 stable annual quotas.

However, all that generates a concrete fear, what will it happen if i cannot pay the rent?
Keep calm, in this case, it will be possible to stop the payment of leasing contract just for one time and for a maximum and total period of twelve months, without any commission or further costs.
And according to you, what will this taste of house bring: a love at first sight or a touch and go?

Increase of Real Estate Market and Loans always more Friendly

Positive portrait for real estate world, with recovery signals always more encouraging.
At few days from the end of the year, the result of 2015 is a pleasant surprise.
In fact, according to data of Italian Bank Association (ABI), we observe a general recovery of real estate sector, with the restart of real estate trade and the growth of transfer loans.
This increase records a positive +86,1%, with a transfer of new loans of 28.920 billion euro in 2015, compare to the 15.543 billion euro of 2014.
In details, we find among the cities with major number of transfer of loans, Turin with a +16,3% and Palermo with a +16,1%, whereas Florence and Milan record the first a +11,8% and the second a +9,2%. Values more restrained, on the contrary, for Rome with a +5% and Bologna with a +3,2%.

However, why is the reason of this positive real estate refreshing air?
Surely, the positive trend seems to be a clear reflex of the facility with, today, we can take out a mortgage also on online platforms, which offer easier and faster operations and convenient rate of interest, lower than the market’s values.
In this way, more complex actions, as the request of subrogation (which means the possibility to transfer the loan to another bank, by changing the type of rate of interest of Bersani Law) becomes more and more easy to do, by staying at home.

However, what is the profile of ideal borrower?
From various research, we observe that the curious profile of “ideal borrower” seems to have a medium age of 40 years, whereas the duration of loan is for twenty years.
The major demand of loans is concrete and caused by the growing opportunity to invest, consequences of the decrease of properties prices and the initiatives of banks, who want to finance and incentivize the monetary incitement.

And what does it happen, if the request grows?
We have the increase of 6,8% of real estate trade, by highlighting in detail a +10,3%, for residential and a +8,2%, for commercial sector.
On the other hand, the building bankruptcies decrease with a -10%, both for those of industrial division with -8%, whereas services record an increase of 4%.

Which is the best good purpose for the New Year, if not to pick this positive moment to buy or simply to invest in fortunate brick?

World Capital awarded at China Awards 2015

In the wonderful location of the “Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci Museum”, in Milan, Thursday 26th November 2015, during the China Awards 2015, World Capital obtained the award “Street of Silk”.

Today, World Capital has 3 offices in China (PECHINO, SHANGHAI e CHONGQING), 30 collaborators and it promotes a portfolio of Italian real estate products in China of nearly 2 billion euros. About it, 55% is connected to hotel sector, 21% real estate developments and the other 24% is divided among offices, logistics and income commercial properties. It took part in 89 fairs and events, by meeting 6.200 contacts through individuals and societies; it has more than 110 meetings with delegates of Italian and Chinese institutions. The managed residential negotiations are more than 180, whereas the Chinese and assisted societies are more than 20 looking for properties in Italy. The activities generated a concrete inclusion of capitals in real estate market, which have represented a real and concrete touch of oxygen for institutional operators, real estate funds and individuals.

The award was assigned by an authoritative jury composed by Cesare Romiti, President of Foundation Italy China and Paolo Panerai, Deputy President and Delegate Administrator Class Editori, Margherita Barberi General Director of Foundation Italy China, Gabriele Capolino Director and Associate Editor MF-Milano Finanza, Marco Mutinelli Ordinary Professor of Business Management, University of Studies of Brescia and Responsible of Data Bank Reprint about Italian investments abroad and foreign in Italy, Pier Luigi Streparava President Chamber of Italo Chinese Commerce.

The reason was totally connected to the image of World Capital Real Estate Group, as the unique Italian society of real estate services to have direct offices in China. Moreover it gave the opportunity to start the World Capital Consulting Beijing Ldt, which since 2015 is the only Italian reality to have a licence to do managing immigration activity in China, thanks to World Capital Immigration Ldt. It started working in China since 2011, and today it enjoys a concrete experience in BtoC and BtoB, which permits it to assist big Chinese companies, who are interested in investments in Italy and their managers with families in all the operations connected to the authorizations to live in Italy.

“It’s the second time, which in just 2 years, we received a reward at China Awards – claims Andrea Faini, CEO of World Capital Real Estate Group – and concerning the exceptional event, we are really satisfied. We thank the management and we want to share it with our collaborators, who dedicate their attention to this project. We are the only society, which guarantees a total service to Italian people, who want to access in China and to Chinese people, who want to live in Italy. In these years, we have built something, which gave us the opportunity to grow professionally also in our others sectors. We are committed to attract foreign investors in our country – concludes Andrea Faini – and China is just one of the markets in which we work.”

During the event Marcello Lippi, CT of Italian National World Champion in 2006, was the guest of honor, Mister Lippi, which World Capital met in China by inserting one of his contribution inside the magazine e-italy, he was awarded to have won three Chinese championships and one Asiatic Champions League during the three years as guide of Guanghzou Evergrande.

During the evening, there was the Charity Dinner and its revenues were devolved to Lifeline Express.

Lombardy: Favorite Access for Foreign Investors – InvestInLombardy tells itself

“Lombardy is the beating heart of the Italian economy, for foreign investments. In the last two years Invest in Lombardy supported more than 396 foreign companies in the realization of their investment projects, with two investments every month…” From the fourth edition of e-Italy* of World Capital Group, the focus on the work realized by Invest in Lombardy, which promotes foreign investments on Lombard territory…

“Lombardy, thanks the growing job of Invest in Lombardy, gained the first place in Top 10 of Regions of South Europe in the toplist of FDI Markets Regions of the Future 2014/2015 realized by FDI Intelligence of Financial Times. Invest in Lombardy is a project promoted by Unioncamere Lombardia, the system of Lombard Commercial Chambers, from Promos – Special Agency for the internalization of Chambers of Commerce of Milan – and with the support of Region Lombardy, which has the purpose to support the attraction of foreign investment on Lombard territory. The project is a regional network, which works hardly to support local business communities. In the last two years, Invest in Lombardy supported 396 foreign companies during the realization of own investments projects, with two investments finalized every month. The winning approach used in these years by Invest in Lombardy, comparing to continuous changes of the global economic portrait influenced also by FDI Intelligence, which awarded the strategy of Invest in Lombardy as the third strategy the most efficient among the big European regions.

Invest in Lombardy reached these important results, thanks to the collaboration with the “Partner Program” a network of 25 private partner, really qualified, which can enjoy international collaborations. This partnership win-win overcame the attraction of foreign investors in Lombardy, at the same, it gave the chance to network partners to increase their opportunities of international business…”

*e-Italy is a biannual magazine realized by World Capital Group in Italian-Chinese, Italian-Russian and Italian-English. A portrait of Italy, which tells to Italian and Foreign people, which live in the country, a promotion to draw beauties and history, not only for tourist purposes, but also to connect potential and foreign investors and who desires to live there

Italy Real Estate: It is Time to Invest

Why do we choose Italy for an investment? Why is its real estate so appeal today?

For more than one year, the more important international investors choose the Bel Pease for their new and important operations in real estate sector. In the just first six months of 2015, the foreign investments overcome in Italy the levels of 2006, by touching peak of 2,7 billions, thanks to high yields, guaranteed in all the national territory, with sale prices, which are particularly convenient and competitive.

Prestigious luxury brands, multinational corporations of different sectors, hotel groups, supreme funds and IMCO, but also individuals, which come especially from Asia, Europe and USA, they have developed their activity In Italy with new points of sale or head offices, they have bought important real estate portfolios and single luxury properties, they have also bought villas, apartments, hotels in exclusive locations, in the last years. Who does it for the first time, who will continue to do this; a demand oriented to logistics and office, as well to retail, accommodating structures and residential, both for core and developing actions.

The Italian Real Estate, in fact, results particularly interesting for opportunities and values, among the most stable and safe markets in Europe. Since 2008 to nowadays, Italian Real Estate has lived a general realignment, without suffering from deep variations, which have damaged countries as Spain, Ireland and Greece and without going through the terrible housing bubble, main character in other different realities.

Italy gives also real estate facilitations, concerning regulatory aspects and it recognizes the property right, which allows to enjoy and to have the property in a total and exclusive way, differently from other countries; it also has very least rates of interest and a greater current assets and it presents properties, which are characterized by high qualitative standards, competitive prices and strategic location.

Italian Retail Real Estate lives today a second youth, a consequence of the faith of consumers and the gradual worldwide recovery. We attend to a progressive increase of properties request from important and international brands, who look for spaces in luxury streets and who want to take part to the system of “Made in Italy”. Milan, Rome and Venice are the most attractive and valued Capital Cities and today the average of retail yields is around 6%.

Hotel Real Estate is also one of the most desirable sector for investors in Bel Paese, by considering the concrete increase of arrivals in Italy, thanks to the progressive and global growth of tourist division and the incredible cultural and naturalistic heritage, which makes Italy one of the most attractive realities and the fifth favourite worldwide destination. The important hotel chains are involved in developing their business, by unifying new hotels for management or franchising, or through new acquisitions; they ask for specific and prestigious products and innovative and flexible direction models. Milan, Rome, Venice and Florence remain the most attractive cities, with a particular attention to inner cities.

Concerning to Italian Logistics Real Estate, the Country is again among the European attractive squares, for a particular strategic geographic position, controlled prices compared to the European average and very interesting yields, which overcome the 8% in the maximum values. We attend to a general stabilization of market, in the first semester of 2015, with an increase of demand, especially in North, in particular for Milan, Bologna and Rome. The investors specialized in “prime” areas are interested in building logistical complex, also without renters and this confirms a good faith in the sector, and we also notice fusions between groups of logistical and transport divisions, signal of a sector in recovery.

Also the Italian Office Real Estate lives a colourful moment, for maximum yields, which are around 8% and for the growing research of foreign companies, which look for new work offices in the territory, especially in Milan. Prime clients, who want high representative ambiences, innovation and prestigious location, multinational corporations and start-up, who desire to develop or to start their activity and so they ask for medium-large offices or complete buildings in prompt delivery to personalize.

The Italian Residential, lastly, highlights again a contraction of sale values, which make particularly attractive various properties situated in exclusive seaside, lake, city and mountain locations. We also record a growth of foreign demand of houses in Bel Paese, first from Great Britain, and the most pleasing areas are Tuscany and Liguria.

Milan is in the fifth position of top 10 of the best markets in Europe in 2015. It is confirmed as the Business Capital City and the most attractive city for office, with Porta Garibaldi as the most pleasing area requested for the current and important urban requalification action, high accessibility and diffused offer of efficient and eco-friendly properties. It is also headquarter of influential fashion brands and the most valued square for retail investors, and one of the most attractive market in logistics and hotel divisions.

A safe and profitable real estate investment needs deep know-how of market and qualified assistance staff. The team of World Capital Group, international company specialized in real estate consultancy and intermediation with its head office in Milan and direct offices in different countries, such as China, India and Russia, thanks to a twenty-year experience, multilingual staff and specific departments for every sector, is tailor-made partner of its client; it gives to him professionalism, expertise, flexibility and complete and personalized assistance. Training, innovation, research and specialization is the investment of World Capital in years.

Interview to A. Faini, Ceo of World Capital Group - Why to be international?

Andrea Faini illustrates the foundations of World Capital’s activity

Development of competences and professionalization.
The Italian real estate advisory sector had to be accountable to this binomial to survive during the years of crisis and to adapt to the real estate international standards.
If we want to identify a positive consequence deriving from the depths for the real estate division, it is exactly the increasing of professionalism and the openness to a world, the one of the international market, which adopts rules and competences different by the “homemade” ones.
To better understand this important passage, we made an interview to Andrea Faini, CEO of World Capital, a society that based all his own progress and development on the internationalization.

World Capital is a reality, which declares to be very concentrate on the innovation in the real estate advisory world. Before projecting us to the future, we want to do a step back: when was World Capital born and how did all its services evolve enduring time?

World Capital is born in 2006 under the guide and cooperation of expert managers of the real estate sector, specializing in the logistic field and working hard to satisfy the highest expectations of business customer. It increases its own activity soon, including commercial, tertiary, residential and hospitality segments and, at the same time, it develops specific real estate services to answer adequately and satisfactorily to its users, owners and investors. In 2010, it launches a development program abroad, installing direct offices in China, Russia and India and securing service partner in Europe and America, activity aimed to promote the foreign investments in Italy. Today we are a reality particularly structured, with global real estate solutions for services and both for categories of properties, partners and representatives of any type of clientele.

We own a specific department for any commercial division, each of them with high competences and deepened knowledge of the market and an international one for the residential field; advisors able to assign a complete and custom-made assistance during the entire process. From the markets’ research to the promotion of the property, from the commercialization until the negotiation, qualified with timing, experience and efficiency, professionalism and expertise. Moreover, we includes an internal research office department, actives in daily market’s analysis, communication, marketing and press activities.

World Capital comes up as a society, which furnishes “360° degrees real estate solutions”. What is the different between the simple advisory and the “all-round” activity?

I think that “all-round” is the more appropriate definition to describe our activity. An activity, which surrounds the entire real estate division in the matter of the offered service and the categories of properties that we sell. We render assistance to privates, companies, funds and organizations, for investors, users and owners, with a specific and high profile assistance depending on the kind of business. As a global reality, we guarantee 360° degrees real estate solutions operating in the areas of agency, consulting, investment and property, but also with rating, space planning, corporate solutions, assets and facility management. At the same time, we manage real estate solutions in any field, from the industrial/logistic to the retail, from the office until the hospitality and residential.

The “professionalism” is another foundation to which the society adverts. Some people declare that among the “gifts” that the crisis has left to the real estate world, there is an increase of professionalism. How did your activity evolve to overcome these difficult years?

Training, innovation, research and specialization. I would say that these are the reasons of our investment through the years, an investment oriented to a qualification always grater, oriented to a continuous professional growth, a way in which we live the crisis as an opportunity. We are regularly involved in training and in the constant analysis of the market’s dynamics, as well as in the education of our advisors, in order to teach them how to approach to the clientele and how to manage, in a professional way, the commercialization and the negotiation. We made innovations, developing a greater digital identity, modernizing our web site and appearing on socials, but also establishing partnerships with companies, organizations and associations and extending our activity to rising markets as China, India and Russia, where we launched direct offices with multilingual personnel. We created an internal research division, which since years daily analyzes the Italian real estate and it elaborates periodical reports on retail, office, logistic and hospitality in order to furnish datas of primary importance to our customers and to the potential investors. Lastly, we are always more specialized in the services and in the typologies of the properties that we offer, becoming global, but also sectorial, furnishing custom-made assistance and 360° degrees real estate solutions; moreover, we ideated for the residential category, an exclusive brand, “Personal RE”, bound to satisfy the foreign clientele.

The third fundamental principle of World Capital can be individuate in the internationality, this is clear from your actions made abroad and from the heterogeneous dispositions of you team. Which competences have you learnt from the foreign countries and you imported to Italy? Which Italian abilities have you exported, instead?

First of all, sense of sacrifice and a deep dedication to the job. The Chinese population, in particular, shows an extraordinary diligence in the activities and a singular inclination to the achievement of aims. On the other side, I would say dynamicity, flexibility and innovation; these are our abilities, which we exported abroad. A less severe work-vision, a greater openness and adaptability to changes and news and a desire of constant growth and development.

World Capital, Exclusive Advisor for the selling of Armani Home Luxury Apartments

Est Capital Sgr chooses Personal RE of World Capital, real estate advisor and commercial intermediation company, as its exclusive advisor for the commercialization of 13 Luxury Apartments furnished by Armani Home, situated in a prestigious location in the heart of Milan.

The properties, which are of different length and equipped with on-demand services, precious internal finishing and elegant decors, offer the possibility of a guaranteed annual income.

“This is an important success for us – declares Marco Clerici, Managing Director at World Capital – have being chosen for the management of a unique and prestigious product, exclusive example of the Made in Italy real estate.

Our international consultants will accompany the customers, guaranteeing them complete privacy, professionalism and competence; during the acquisition period, the first apartment has been sold and, considering the high interest, we are certain that there will follow new operations soon.”

Convention “Italy Real Invest 2014” – Italy, Country of Opportunity for Investors

Today, 22nd may, with the participation of the National and International Press and near to ICE and EIRE, World Capital Group illustrated the report “Italy Real Invest 2014”, detailed and interesting analysis of Italian real estate market and the reason to invest in real estate in Bel Paese.

“Our work – claims Marco Clerici, Managing Director of World Capital – it’s a careful study of the sector, with the purpose of presenting concrete data and particularity of our real estate to foreign investors, which are more over oriented to our country and lovers of Made in Italy. Italy represents, today, an attractive system of opportunities in logistics, retail and office, and also in residential and hotellerie.

“Our country – continues Antonio Intiglietta, Presidente EIRE - has incredible potentials and unequal beauties, it’s for the foreign people a source of great interest. Although, it’s indispensable now to work to offer, to protect and to value the heritage and to decrease bureaucracy and doubts, to make system and to speed up time. This – concludes Antonio Intiglietta – is the winning formula to attract investments and to make more over attractive the Italian real estate”.

World Capital supports Sport – Volley Lovers, Monza 22/24 may 2015

After the artistic and social commitment, World Capital chooses the sporting sphere supporting Volley Lovers, important event of three days dedicated to culture, sport, music and food.

Positive and sensible to the internalization among countries, World Capital takes to the friendly and female volley match among the nationals of Italy and China and promotes the education and the sporting formation and the consciousness of the Expo themes about nutrition and sustainability.

As Partner and near the prestigious Institutions and Associations, World Capital takes active part to a significant moment of meeting through young people and adults and promotes the various ludic, sporting and cultural activities, which enjoy the event. It participates with a own stand, meeting point for who wants to analyse the real estate world and to look for business solutions or residential in Bel Paese.

“Our commitment continues, today, in sport, with the support to Volley Lovers for the strong etic value and the high joining characterization –claims Adrea Faini, Ceo of World Capital- Father of two little children, I think it’s particularly important to educate our young people to sport and to a healthy competition and to offer them stimulating occasions of growth and enrichment.”